Using Magik browsing perspective

In this section you will use Magik browsing perspective to browse and manipulate your code. Searching the workbench gives an overview of using Magik Search to search and browse elements. In contrast to Magik Search (which organizes all Magik elements in a tree, consisting of projects, products, modules, Magik files, types, etc.), the browsing perspective uses distinct views to present the same information. Selecting an element in one view, will show its content in another view.

To open a browsing perspective activate Window > Open Perspective > Magik Browsing from within Magik perspective or use Open a Perspective toolbar button.

Magik browsing perspective

The views of the perspective are connected to each other in the following ways:

Filtering elements

Each view of the perspective has a filter field. In contrast to Magik Search to find a particular element in browsing perspective just enter search string in a filter field in a proper view. For example, to search for a class type as_environment_manager type as_environment_manager in the filter field in Types view. After that, select an element from the list to see its methods in Members view.

Filtering elements

In Magik Browsing perspective it is also possible to specify pragma flags. Just open menu in Members view and select proper flags to narrow the results. Only elements with selected pragma flags and topics are displayed in Members view.

Selecting pragma flags