Viewing the type hierarchy

In this section, you will learn how to use Type Hierarchy view by viewing classes and members in a few different ways.

  1. In Product Explorer view, find as_environment_dialog.magik and open it.
  2. In Outline right-click on any object and select Open Type Hierarchy. You can also open type hierarchy view:

    Outline context menu

  3. Click Show the Supertype Hierarchy to see a hierarchy of specific type's parent elements including implemented interfaces. This view shows the results of going up the type's hierarchy.

    Supertype hierarchy

  4. Click Show the Subtype Hierarchy in the view toolbar.

    Subtype hierarchy

  5. Click Show the Graph Hierarchy in the view toolbar.

    Graph hierarchy

  6. In the Type Hierarchy view, select a class. All declared methods will be displayed in the members panel.

    Supertype hierarchy showing method implementors

  7. In the Type Hierarchy view select the model element and select Focus On 'model' from its context menu. model is presented in the Type Hierarchy view.
  8. Use Previous Type Hierarchies to go back to a previously opened element. Click on the arrow next to the button to see a list of elements or click on the button to open the history list.

    History menu

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