Searching the workbench

In this section, you will search the workbench for Magik elements.

In the Search dialog, you can perform file, text or Magik searches. Magik searches operate on the structure of the code. File searches operate on the files by name and/or text content. Magik searches are faster, since there is an underlying indexing structure for the code structure. Magik searches also enable to search code elements in GIS sessions. Text searches allow you to find matches inside comments and strings.

Performing Magik search from the workbench

Performing a file search

  1. In Magik perspective, click  Search button in the workbench toolbar or select Search > Search... from the menu bar.
  2. If it is not already selected, select Magik File Search tab.
  3. In Containing text field, type as_environment_dialog. Make sure that File name patterns field is set to *.magik. Set the Scope to Workspace. Then click Search.

    File search tab

  4. To find all files of a given file name pattern, leave the Containing Text field empty.

Viewing previous search results

In Search Results view, click the arrow next to Previous Search Results toolbar button to see a menu containing the list of the most recent searches. You can choose items from this menu to view previous searches.  The list can be cleared by choosing Clear History.

Previous search results menu

Previous Search Results button will display a dialog with the list of all previous searches from the current session.

Previous search results dialog

Selecting a previous search from this dialog will let you view that search.

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