Moving and copying Magik elements

In this section, you will use refactoring to move a resource between Magik folders.  Refactoring actions change the structure of your code without changing its semantic behavior.

  1. In Product Explorer view, select register.magik file from the source of as_dev_tools_application module and drag it into the source of as_environment_manager module. Dragging and dropping the file is similar to selecting the file and choosing Refactor > Move from the context menu.
  2. Use Edit > Undo Move to undo the move.

The context menu is an alternative to using drag and drop. When using the menu, you must specify a target folder in the Move dialog.

  1. Select register.magik file and from its context menu select Refactor > Move.
  2. In the Move dialog, expand the hierarchy to browse possible new locations for the resource. Select the source folder in as_environment_manager module, then click OK. The file is now moved to the new location.

    Move destination dialog

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