Managing environment variables

Defining environment variables

There are three places in MDT where environment variables can be defined:

Besides, these places variables can also be defined in operating system. In each case the variables collection can be created in two ways by:

Defining environment variables

Note that the order of the variables is significant. The variables may be moved up and down in the collection by means of provided buttons.

Evaluating environment variables

When session is started environment variables are evaluated (resolved) - a new set of environment variables is created. The set is used then to run the session. The way of creating the set of variables depends on the session type.

Session Session Link Command Line Session
Operating system Operating system Operating system
Runtime environment file Runtime environment file Runtime environment file
Runtime Runtime Runtime
Session Session environment file (executable file related)

Environment variables may be overridden - when the same environment variable is defined in two or more places with a different value, the value at the lowest level (last to evaluate) is finally set.

Unresolved environment variables

When session is run unresolved environment variables are presented to user in a special dialog. User may decide whether to continue session start or to cancel it.

Unresolved Variables Warning

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