Magik Views

MDT provides the following views in the workbench:

Product Explorer View

The Product Explorer view shows Magik view of resources inside Magik projects in your workbench. Magik element hierarchy consists of elements such as:

Type Hierarchy View

Type Hierarchy view displays the hierarchy of a type, its subtypes, supertypes or both supertypes and subtypes (in graph form). The view also presents methods defined in the type.

Module Hierarchy View

Module Hierarchy view displays the hierarchy of a module, showing modules required by it and dependent on it in the form of a tree, or graph.

Sessions View

Sessions view shows runtimes and sessions in your workbench. The view also presents relations between runtimes, sessions and Magik projects.

Class Browser View

Class Browser view allows you to browse Magik code within the running sessions. The view layout and functionality are similar to the Emacs' Class Browser.

Command Histories

Command Histories view shows history of GIS commands executed within sessions in your workbench. The view allows you to: remove, modify, execute and move commands between histories.

Projects View

Projects view shows Magik projects. The view is a part of Magik Browsing perspective.

Types View

Types view shows a list of Magik types present in currently selected Magik project. Typically, the Projects view is used to make this selection.

Members View

Members view shows the content of a type. Typically, the Types view is used to make this selection.

MDT Display View

Entries in MDT Display View can be inspected to see more detailed information.

Customizing Views

Both the appearance and behaviour of Magik views can be customised.

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