Search Features

MDT provides several main searching features for code navigation.

Magik File Search

Magik File Search allows you to search for files or text within files. Magik File search does not operate on the structure of Magik code. It operates on the files by name and/or text content. Text searches allow you to find matches in methods or classes body and inside comments and strings. Magik File Serach allows you to find elements available in the Workspace and elements added to project dependencies.

Class Browser

Class Browser offered by MDT works in a very similar way to Emacs' Class Browser. It provides you a quick search for Magik code in GIS Sessions. Class Browser presents results in a textual form. You can simply open declaration by clicking on hyperlink generated in search result. The search parameters are the same as in Emacs' Class Browser.

Magik Search

Magik searching support allows you to find declarations of Magik elements (classes, conditions, globals, methods). Magik Search allows you to search for Magik code in Magik project resources in Workspace as well as in GIS Sessions. Elements in project dependencies are not considered. Searching in Magik project resources is supported by an index that is kept up to date in the background as the resources corresponding to Magik elements are changed. You can use search parameter in the same way as in the Class Browser. Magik Search supports wildcards similarly to the Class Browser. Magik Search results, collected from both - local sources and GIS Sessions, are presented in a graphical form in Search View.

Magik Browsing perspective

Magik Browsing perspective is designed to search, browse and manipulate your code. In contrast to Magik Search, which organises all Magik elements in a tree, consisting of projects, products, modules, Magik files, types, etc., the browsing perspective uses distinct views to present the same information. While selecting an element in one view, the element's content will be shown in another view. Magik Browsing perspective shows elements included in session assigned to selected project. It does not show Magik code elements included in sources in the Workspace.

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