Accessing external resources

Sometimes you may need to open files which are not included in your workspace. This may occur if you need to preview libraries or sources that you are not working on. There are two ways to access a file not included in the workspace - by adding it to Project Dependencies or by opening it as an external file.

Project Dependencies

Magik project has Project Dependencies property. It is a container to which external modules and products can be added in order to get access to their source code. Project Dependencies container is shown in Product Explorer view and marked with a special icon [ Dependencies container ]. Resources icons which are accessible as project dependencies have a special overlay in bottom down corner [ Dependencies resource ].

Project Dependencies is an alternative to the existing resource linking mechanism provided by Eclipse platform.

External resources can be added to or deleted from project dependencies by the use of Project Dependencies page which is available in Magik project properties and in properties of project dependencies element if it is accessible. Note that only products and modules can be added to project dependencies. It cannot be a single folder or Magik file.

Resources available as project dependencies are designed only for reading. Magik files from project dependencies are generally opened in a draft editor. They can be modified but they cannot be saved in their original location. It is possible to save changes in particular location within the workspace. Resources added to projects dependencies are not built by Magik builders and their content is not indexed. Also project dependency Magik files are not validated so problems are not detected or reported.

External Files

To preview files from outside of the workspace you can also simply open external file in an editor without the need to add it to project dependencies. This feature is very useful for quick opening and viewing files. Open external file command is accessible in a few ways:

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