What's New in MDT SW5 Support 1.3

Here is the description of some of the most interesting or significant changes made to MDT SW5 Support 1.3. They are grouped into the following categories:

Cooperation with GIS sessions

Support for Smallworld™ 5.2

SW5 Support Plugin is now compatible with the latest versions of Smallworld™ 5 (up to 5.2.0).

GIS Cooperation
Magik Editor

Support for _class keyword

Added support for _class keyword.

Class keyword

The name of the class that follows after the _class keyword is now openable via a hyperlink. Simply press and hold Ctrl and hover over its name. An Open Type dialog should open.

Class keyword hyperlink

Support for while loops

Added support for new _while loops.

While loop template

Moreover, a predefined template for _while loops has been added.

While loop template


Added reading of shared constants and shared variables

SW5 Debugger now shows shared constants and shared variables.

Shared variables and shared constants support

Currently, the SW5 Debugger reads all types of data just like the SW4 Debugger, that is, method/procedure arguments, local, global, dynamic variables and now shared variables and shared constants.


New preference page for SW5 GIS Session

Added a new preference page which allows you to configure settings related to Smallworld™ 5 GIS Session.

Smallworld 5 GIS Session preference page

Updated SW5 Debugger preference page

The MDT Smallworld™ 5 Debugger preference page has been moved and updated.

Smallworld 5 Debugger preference page

Missing Java executable warning

Added a warning dialog that appears when an attempt to start a Smallworld™ 5.1.6 or higher session link has been made, but the Java executable is missing.

Missing executable dialog