What's New in MDT SW5 Support 1.2

Here is the description of some of the most interesting or significant changes made to MDT SW5 Support 1.2. They are grouped into the following categories:

Cooperation with GIS sessions

Support for Smallworld™ 5.1

SW5 Support Plugin is now compatible with the latest versions of Smallworld™ 5.1 (up to 5.1.5).

Profiling Smallword™ 5 sessions

Smallword™ 5 sessions can be now started in profile mode which allows profiling them using Java tools like VisualVM or Java Mission Control.

Profile action

The screenshot below presents VisualVM tool, when profiling Smallword™ 5 program. More information about profiling Smallword™ 5 programs can be found here.


Session editor

Smallword™ 5 session editors have been extended with Profiler tab

The new Smallword™ 5 session editor tab Profiler allows configuring Java options required to establish connection between Java profiler and Java virtual machine.These options are passed as JVM system properties when starting Smallword™ 5 sessions in profile mode.

Profile action

Added startup options

Added a new Startup options section to the Overview page of Smallword™ 5 Session Link editor. Now you can set if you want to run the session with the Infraction Checker, a diagnostic tool included in Smallword™ 5 which you can use to identify where methods have been overwritten in a session.

Startup options

Product Explorer view

Serialize Product action

Serialize Product action has been added to the context menu. It allows serializing Smallworld™ 5 product.

Serialize Product action

Compile All Modules action

Compile All Modules action has been added to the context menu. It allows compiling all modules of Smallworld™ 5 product.

Compile All Modules action