What's New in MDT SW5 Support 1.1

Here is a description of some of the more interesting or significant changes made to MDT SW5 Support 1.1 They are grouped into the following categories:

Cooperation with GIS sessions

Support for Smallworld™ 5.1

SW5 Support Plugin has been extended with support for Smallworld™ 5.1. Magik projects, runtimes and sessions can be added in Smallworld™ 5.1 compatibility mode.

New runtime wizard for GIS 5.1


Support for Smallworld™ GIS 5.1

MDT Debugger has been extended with support for Smallworld™ 5.1.

Smallworld 5 Command Line debug mode

Smallworld 5 Command Line Session can now be run in debug mode. For debugging it requires the additional option '-j %MDT_JAVA_OPTIONS%' in command line running runalias.exe file. Example:

O:\Product\500\Smallworld_500\core\bin\x86\runalias.exe -e O:\Product\500\Smallworld_500\core\config
\environment.bat -j %MDT_JAVA_OPTIONS% -a O:\Product\500\Smallworld_500\core\config\gis_aliases swaf