What's New in MDT SW5 Support 1.4

Here is the description of some of the most interesting or significant changes made to MDT SW5 Support 1.4. They are grouped into the following categories:

Cooperation with GIS sessions

Support for Smallworld™ 5.2

SW5 Support Plugin is now compatible with the latest versions of Smallworld™ 5.2 (up to 5.2.3).

GIS Cooperation

Debugging loops

Debugging loops, including nested loops, is now available. Debug actions like Step Over, Step Return, setting breakpoints have been adapted to work inside loops.

Loops debugging

Local Variables

Values of local variables with unresolved names are displayed in the unresolved locals list. Now all values of used local variables are presented during debugging.

Reinstall Breakpoints Action

New Reinstall Breakpoints Action

A new Reinstall Breakpoints action has been added. It's available in the Breakpoints view toolbar and in the Run menu. The action reinstalls all Smallworld™ 5 sessions' breakpoints.

Reinstall Breakpoints Action

Opening external Magik sources during debugging

Added a new wizard for opening external Magik sources during debugging.

Shared variables and shared constants support
Session Editor

New Debugger tab

Added a new Debugger tab for Session Link Editor and Session Command Line Editor which allows configuring debugger source paths for the given session.

Class keyword


New preference for installing breakpoints

Added a new preference which controls whether breakpoints should be installed on session start. By default set to false.

Class keyword