Borrowing Extension Floating License

MDT Professional Edition enables to borrow MDT extension floating licenses. This allows to use MDT extension without connection to license server for 14 days. During that period license is blocked and it is not available to other users. Borrowed license is automatically unblocked on the server when borrow period end. Borrowed license may also be returned to the server at any time which will result in unblocking the license.

Borrowing license feature may not be available in your license server. In this case contact your local network administrator to activate the feature.

Step 1

At the beginning you have to start MDT Extensions License Manager tool.

Starting MDT Extensions License Manager Tool

Step 2

Select License Details tab. In licenses table select floating license.

Selecting Floating License

Step 3

Click Borrow License button.

Borrowing License

Step 4

Confirm license borrow by clicking Yes in message box.

Borrow Confirmation

Step 5

Your license has been borrowed.

Borrowed License

Step 6

New license status indicates the license has been borrowed.

License Details

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