Session Link Overview

Session Link Overview page consists of three sections which allow to change session link settings.


In this section you can set common settings of the session.

General Section

Option Description
Name Session name.
Runtime Enables to select runtime from the list of the available runtimes.
Edit Enables to edit selected runtime if necessary.
Runtimes... Opens Select Runtime dialog.
Use global environment variables Specifies whether global environment variables should be used when running the session. It links to Environment preference page.

Configuration Files

This section allows to specify required configuration files.

Configuration Files Section

Option Description
Working directory Application launcher working directory. If left empty, Runtime directory is used by default.
Gis aliases file Specifies path to GIS aliases file.
GIS aliases List of the available aliases read from selected GIS aliases file. Select an alias that should be used to run the session.
Alias definition Shows currently selected alias definition.
Show only aliases running Smallworld sessions If checked, aliases which run Smallworld GIS session are shown, otherwise all aliases are shown.

Alias customization

This sections allow to customize alias parameters.

Preview Section

Option Description
Use customized parameters if checked, temporary Alias definition file is created with customized parameters to launch a session.
Add Allows to add new parameter.
Edit Allows to edit selected parameter.
Remove Removes selected parameter.
Up Moves up selected parameter.
Down Moves down selected parameter.
Reset Restores default parameters.

Startup options

In this section you can specify startup options.

Startup options

Option Description
Run session with the Infraction Checker Specifies whether the session should be run with the Infraction Checker, a diagnostic tool included in Smallword™ 5 which you can use to identify where methods have been overwritten in a session.

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