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My change set is missing or doesn’t contain elements it should. Help!

If a task change set disappears or is missing items, toggle the Incoming/Outgoing mode of the Synchronize view via its toolbar button.

Why does task change set not appear when I modify files?

A task change set should appear if you activate a task and modify a file connected to a compatible source repository (e.g. CVS, SVN). If it does not try the following:

If the above are working but the change set appears to be missing relevant files:

Why do files disappear from the change set when I close them?

If you have the Preferences → Mylyn → Context → Manage open editors to match task context option enabled, Mylyn will perform editor management so that you don’t have to. Closing a file makes it less interesting, and causes it to disappear from the active task context, and hence from the change set. This option prevents you from having to manage the set of open files, will automatically close editors for files that become uninteresting, and will ensure that the open editors match the task context.

Why am I missing elements when I retrieve someone else’s context?

To identify elements within a project, Mylyn relies on the name of the project being consistent across workspaces. If the project name in the workspace that the context was created with is different than its name in your workspace, the task context will not show elements within that project ( bug 164058). The other case where context can be lost is if the elements change names outside of the workspace ( bug 164243).

The work-around is to use the same project names across your team’s workspaces. We recommend the following two approaches for standardizing on project names: