Task Editor

When I submit a new bug to eclipse.org the priority isn’t updated?

Eclipse.org’s Bugzilla repository forces all new bug reports to priority 3 (P3) regardless of what is selected in Mylyn. Eventually we will disable this field in the new bug editor for bugs.eclipse.org and provide a tooltip with explanation ( bug 204630 ).

Why am I seeing strange boxes where I expect to see proper characters?

If for example you aren’t seeing the proper single quote chacters in the summary of https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=197644 bug#197644, check that the encoding is set correctly for the repository in the asociated Task Repositories view (Properties → Additional Settings → Character Encoding). For bugs.eclipse.org/bugs set your charcter encoding to ISO-8859-1.

How can I view images or screenshots that are attached to an image?

By default Eclipse does not provide a built-in image viewer so images can either be opened with a browser or saved to disk and opened in a native image viewer. Alternatively Eclipse extension such as QuickImage can be installed which support opening images within Eclipse.