This guide provides information on the Eclipse Marketplace Client and how to use it. The Eclipse Marketplace Client provides a means to find and install solutions from the Eclipse Marketplace and other solution catalogs.

Getting Started

To launch the Eclipse Marketplace Client select Help -> Eclipse Marketplace... from the menu, or click on Eclipse Marketplace Client on the Welcome page. The Eclipse Marketplace Client appears as follows:

Eclipse Marketplace Client

Use the tabs at the top of the wizard to find popular solutions, recently added or updated solutions, installed solutions, or to search.

Searching by specifying the search query, market and category, then press Go:

Search Controls

Browse For More Solutions

The Eclipse Marketplace Client will provide links to browse for more solutions or Learn more. Clicking these links will cause the Eclipse Marketplace Client to close and the Marketplace to be opened in a web browser. Browse the marketplace website, and when ready press the Install button to reopen the Eclipse Marketplace Client.

Browse And Install

Installing and Updating Solutions

Solutions that can be installed or updated will be displayed with corresponding buttons:

Install Selection

Select one or more solutions by pressing the appropriate button.

Press Next to proceed with installation. Confirm selected features on the next page:

Confirm Features

Resolving Errors

Occasionally it's not possible to install solutions due to conflicting or unsatisfied dependencies. Resolve these errors by deselecting one or more features and pressing Next. Installation may proceed once all errors have been resolved.


If necessary you may be prompted to review and agree to license agreements prior to installation:

Review Licenses

If you agree, select I accept the terms of the license agreement.

Completing Installation

Proceed with installation by pressing Finish. Installation involves downloading selected components and may take a few minutes or more to complete. You will be able to continue using Eclipse while you wait for downloading and installation to complete. When prompted, either Apply changes or Restart Eclipse to start using the newly installed solutions.