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UML2 Modeler

UML2 Modeler is a sophisticated tool to be used for modeling of whole systems with the use of UML language. Its main functionality is to model system architectures in MDT® environment as well as dynamically generate Magik source code according to previously created models. It helps to combine the work of architects working with UML language with the tasks given to Magik developers. Architects can extend existing systems by new elements by creating specific artifacts for developers directly from MDT environment.

UML2 Modeler is a dedicated add-on to MDT (Magik Development Tools) and cannot function without it. For more info refer to UML2 Modeler User Manual or read What's New pages for latest updates.


Download the archive file below and add it through Eclipse's Install New Software mechanism
or use MDT Update Site: and choose UML2 Modeler from the list.

Type Version Date Running on Size File to download
Plug-in 0.8.4 2013-02-17 MDT PE 3.5 or later
Eclipse 4.2
Papyrus 1.x
691 KB
Magik Modelling perspective

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