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For learning purposes we have prepared a basic tutorial, consisting of a series of screencasts, called "MDT Workshop". We recommend going through the tutorial to every user new to the environment, it will help you to better understand how to work with MDT®. Topics presented in this tutorial start from simple basics and go through the most important operating techniques ending with showing the debugger functionality.

"MDT Workshop" is divided into four chapters. You can easily access each of them by clicking the icon next to the chapter number. If you would like to participate in this tutorial actively, install MDT Professional Edition Trial and download resources shown in the first pages of Chapter I.


"MDT Workshop" - Screencasts

Chapter I

  • Importing preferences
  • Creating runtime
  • Creating session
  • Exporting runtimes and sessions

Chapter II

  • Creating new project
  • Importing modules & importing existing product to project
  • Running sessions in project
  • Project Dependencies
  • Transmitting to session
  • Working with code

Chapter III

  • Class browsing techniques
  • Search
  • Browsing Perspective
  • Open Type and Member

Chapter IV

  • Running session in debug mode
  • Debugging


Presented tutorials were prepared with MDT 2.1. Some options or functionalities may have changed and/or improved in the current release.

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