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Working in Team

Team Synchronizing Perspective

The Team Synchronizing perspective is used to synchronize your local resources with the repository. The perspective helps to manage all incoming, outgoing or conflicting changes between the resources and the repository.

All VCS (Version Control Systems) integrated with Eclipse platform provide their own extensions to the Team Synchronizing perspective and allow you to exchange resources with their repositories.

Concurrent Versions System (CVS)

The Concurrent Versions System (CVS), also known as the Concurrent Versioning System, is a wide known, open source version control system.

The MDT® has built-in support for CVS. The available extension for CVS integrates with Team Synchronizing perspective in order to provide mechanisms to synchronize resources with CVS repositories. The extension also provides an additional CVS Repository Exploring Perspective. The perspective is used to manage and browse CVS repositories.

Other Version Control Systems

MDT can be also extended to cooperate with many other Version Control Systems, like: Subversion (SVN), IBM Rational Clear Case, Visual SourceSafe, etc.

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