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Changes to previous version

Changes – User interface

  • Documentation
    • Updated the What’s New page for the new SW5 Support Plug-in version

Changes – Cooperation with GIS sessions

  • Fixed a bug in which the SMALLWORLD_GIS environment variable wasn’t set when starting a SW5 Command Line Session
  • Fixed a Missing Java Executable dialog bug in which checking the Do not show this message again checkbox had no effect if the dialog had been closed without clicking Yes or No

Changes – Debugger

  • Fixed a BadLocationException that occurred when fetching the dynamic variables stack frame while debugging
  • Fixed a ConcurrentModificationException that occurred when getting the debugger local source path
  • Fixed a NullPointerException that occurred when debugging a dirty Magik file with breakpoints to retransmit
  • Fixed a bug which caused the progress bar to not close when setting a breakpoint

New functionalities

New – Editors

  • Session
    • Added a new Debugger tab for Session Link Editor and Session Command Line Editor which allows configuring debugger source paths for the given session

New – Wizards

  • Added a new wizard that allows opening missing external Magik sources while debugging

New – Cooperation with GIS sessions

  • SW5 Support Plugin is now compatible with the latest versions of Smallworld™ 5 (up to 5.2.3)

New – Debugger

  • Extended debugger actions to support loops, including nested loops
  • Extended the Variables view to display variables with unresolved names
  • Added a functionality that allows debugging Magik code of external Magik modules
  • Added an action that allows reinstalling all Smallworld™ 5 sessions' breakpoints

New – Other

  • Added a new preference which controls whether breakpoints should be installed on session start

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