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Changes to previous version

Changes – User interface

  • Documentation
    • Updated the What’s New page for the new SW5 Support Plug-in version
    • Updated the SW5 Support Help with the description of new functionalities

Changes – Editors

  • Session Link
    • Fixed a bug that prevented overwriting environment variables in Environment tab of SW5 session link editor

Changes – Cooperation with GIS sessions

  • Fixed a custom gis aliases bug that caused problems in simultaneously starting SW4 and SW5 sessions

Changes – Debugger

  • Fixed a bug that made it impossible to set breakpoints on field access methods

New functionalities

New – Editor

  • Magik
    • Added support for _class keyword
    • The name of the class that follows after the _class keyword is now
      openable via a hyperlink
    • Added support for _while loops
    • Added a predefined template for _while loops

New – Cooperation with GIS sessions

  • SW5 Support Plugin is now compatible with the latest versions of Smallworld™ 5 (up to 5.2.0)

New – Debugger

  • Debugger has been extended to show shared constants and shared variables

New – Search pages

  • Extended the Magik Search tab in Search dialog to include searching Magik elements by references

New – Other

  • Added a warning dialog that appears when an attempt to start a Smallworld™ 5.1.6 or higher session link has been made, but the Java executable is missing
  • Added a new preference page which allows you to configure settings related to Smallworld 5 GIS Session
  • Moved and updated the Smallworld 5 debugger preference page

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