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Changes to previous version

Changes – User interface

  • Documentation
    • Updated the What’s New page as well as the MDT Help

New functionalities

New - Views

  • Project Explorer
    • Added an action used for compiling Smallworld 5 modules
    • Added an action used for serializing Smallworld 5 products
  • Sessions
    • Added an action used for profiling a Smallworld 5 session

New - Editors

  • Smallworld 5 Session Link Editor
    • Added a Profiler tab that allows configuring Java options required to establish connection between Java profiler and Java virtual machine during Smallworld 5 session profiling
    • Added the possibility of launching a Smallworld 5.1.2 and later session with the Infraction Checker, a diagnostic tool included in Smallword™ 5 which you can use to identify where methods have been overwritten in a session

New – Cooperation with GIS sessions

  • Adjusted to Smallworld 5.1.3, Smallworld 5.1.4, and Smallworld 5.1.5

New – Other

  • Adjusted to work with the newest version of Java 1.8
  • Adjusted to work with Eclipse Oxygen

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