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SW5 Support Plug-in

SW5 Support Plug-in is an extension to MDT® which provides support for the new Smallworld™ 5 technology that utilizes Java Virtual Machine to run Smallworld™ sessions. After installing this plug-in, you will be able to create a new kind of runtimes and sessions (SW5 specific). All MDT features, such as Class Browser, Type Hierarchy, Magik Search and MDT Debugger, will be available for those sessions. Since Java Development Tools product - one of the best Java development environments available on the market - is installed with SW5 Support Plug-in, you can develop Smallworld™ 5 application in Magik or Java language using this extension. Additionally, MDT Debugger supports simultaneously debug of both Magik and Java codes.

SW5 Support Plug-in is an add-on dedicated to MDT (Magik Development Tools) and cannot function without it. For more info refer to SW5 Support User Manual.


The Dedicated License and Floating License is assigned to a specific MDT License and cannot work without it. The Dedicated License or  Floating License can be granted only to Users with an active subscription to MDT Professional Edition Annual Maintenance Services.
SW5 Support Plug-in Annual Maintenance Services – includes SW5 Support Plug-in version updates and technical support during 1 year. Technical support is provided by the Customer Support System designed to manage customer requests, you can also write directly at The Annual Maintenance Services cannot be purchased separately from the License for the Software.

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License Activation:

Activate your license using MDT Extension License Manager from Help menu, press Add New License button and choose SW5 Support Plug-in and then Full Version. Use Browse to point to your License Key file. Check Privacy Policy box and press Next.

Magik on Java - Runtime Wizard

DISCLAIMER: Smallworld is a trademark of General Electric Company. Java and all Java-based marks and logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of Oracle, Inc. in the United States and other countries.

How can I download the latest version?

To get the latest version, please contact us at and add it through Eclipse's Install New Software mechanism.

What is new in version 1.4?

You can read about this version in What's new pages. More details can be found in the List of changes for the SW5 Support Plugin 1.4 release.

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