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Portable License

MDT® Professional Edition with Portable License is a solution for developers who need the best IDE everywhere they work. It has the latest MDT bound by the license to USB flash drive. You receive MDT Professional with the possibility to work on every workstation you need.

This version of MDT requires Hardware Key to work. It is shipped to you after the purchasing process is completed. The Hardware Key in form of USB flash drive contains MDT binaries with pre-activated license. You can run MDT from the flash drive, but you can also copy it to your hard drive. If you run MDT with Portable License from the hard drive, remember to not remove the Hardware Key from the USB port.


Annual Maintenance Services – includes MDT Professional Edition version updates and technical support during 1 year. Technical support is provided by the Customer Support System designed to manage customer requests, you can also write directly at The Annual Maintenance Services cannot be purchased separately from the License for the Software.

License Activation

This version of MDT does not require Internet connection to activate the license. The license is already active. You can activate other installations of MDT with the license file stored on the Hardware Key.