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2012-10-24 09:54

Recording: MDT Overview Webinar

Thank you all for attending the webinar and for your input. For those who did not manage to make it or wish to go over some parts once again, here are the recordings to download:

Special codec may need to be installed in order to watch the recordings. Check here

2012-09-24 10:56

Join MDT webinar

We sincerely invite you all to join our webinar on Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012. We will be giving a complete overview of MDT tools and peripherals. A must for the newcomers and recommended for others. To accommodate different time zones we will be holding two sessions:

2012-09-19 13:08

MStyle Plug-in 2.0 available

The new release of MStyle Plug-in is now available. For update download the archive from our webpage or go to the MDT update site in Eclipse. Here are the most important changes:

  • Added possibility to exclude specific resources from the checks, like: folders, files or file extensions,
  • Added possibility to exclude chunks of code from the checks with the use of dedicated markers,
  • Severities settings are now integrated with the MStyle profile,
  • Improvements in rules' execution; small bugs fixed.

Read more about this version in What’s new pages.

2012-07-04 14:50

Recording - Update on MDT 3.2 webinar

Here you can download a full recording of the recent webinar (58 MB). Please, use fast forward actions to skip some blind spots in the beginning and the end of the presentation.

2012-07-02 09:10

MDT 3.2 now available!

Here's what’s new in MDT 3.2:

  • Support for Smallworld CST 4.3 and Eclipse 3.8,
  • Upgraded Debugger, featuring: multi-threading, support for database objects, support for print, debug_print commands,
  • Improved and more accurate Magik parser,
  • Mylyn, MUnit 3 Support and UML2 Modeler plug-ins have been updated.

We introduce a new plug-in for MDT, called MStyle - a tool for automated code quality checks - read more here.

Read more about this version in What’s new pages. For more detailed info refer to List of Changes.