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2015-05-28 14:11

MDT 3.6 is now available!

With a new version of MDT you can gain benefits from some major improvements:

  • Support for the new Magik on Java™ debugger, which is now available after installing the new version of Magik on Java™ plug-in
  • Support for #DEBUG statement
  • Added visualization of load list file structure

Read more about this version and its features in What’s new pages. For more detailed info refer to the List of Changes.

2014-10-01 15:11

MDT 3.5 is now available!

This release includes some major changes:

  • Compatibility with Eclipse 4.x (Eclipse 3.6 & 3.7 no longer supported)
  • Discontinued support for Java 6 - Java 7 or higher is required
  • Possibility to customize Magik containers presentation (e.g. show products or modules names)
  • Enhanced drag & drop feature support for Magik elements (e.g. loading to session, adding to load list, etc.)

Important: In case of using MDT product distribution (stand alone version), we strongly recommend to reinstall the whole application (base platform has been switched from Eclipse 3.8 to Eclipse 4.4). In case you update your environment remember to include all dependent plug-ins from MDT family.

Read more about this version and its features in What’s new pages. For more detailed info refer to the List of Changes.

2014-06-05 10:19

MDT Magazine, Spring 2014

Check out the new issue of MDT Magazine, Spring 2014. Read an interview with Dirk Weidemann from Mettenmeier, learn about the genesis and implications of the new coming Magik on Java™ technology, a.k.a. "Smallworld 5" and read a short project report by one of our key Project Managers.

2014-05-28 08:35

GE Digital Energy Conference in Rotterdam

It was another great event here at GE Digital International Software Summit. This year's conference was held in Rotterdam on 19-22 May. The program included presentations and workshops about the latest solutions dedicated to network industries. Our presentation on myths surrounding MDT in comparison with Emacs was very well received.

As one of the exhibitors we have presented our services in the field of Smallworld™ GIS and our mobile GIS client – Gislet (

2014-05-05 09:14

Magik on Java™ Plug-in released!

You are now able to download & install the first version of Magik on Java™ Plug-in. This extension to MDT will introduce you to the world of Magik on Java Technology Preview. At the moment the plug-in supports the new type of sessions. We will keep developing it and provide you with fresh updates bringing more and more functionalities soon.