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2016-08-08 11:00

MDT 3.8 is now available!

This release of MDT Professional Edition includes:

  • New auto typing features
  • Transmit state annotations
  • Support for quick fixing group of Magik problems
  • Improvements In 'Command Histories' view
  • Highlighting debug and deprecated Magik file elements
  • Overall improvements & optimizations
  • Many major & minor fixes

Read more about this version in What’s new pages. For more detailed info refer to the List of Changes.

2016-02-17 14:00

SW5 Support Plug-in released!

You are now able to download & install a first version of the SW5 Support Plug-in. This MDT extension adds full support for the Smallworld™ 5 technology. After installation, you will be able to create a new kind of runtimes and sessions (SW5 specific). All MDT features, such as Class Browser, Type Hierarchy, Magik Search and MDT Debugger, will be available for those sessions.

2016-02-17 11:00

MDT 3.7 is available now!

This release includes a few major changes:

  • Compatibility with Eclipse 4.5 (Mars)
  • New Quick Type Hierarchy view provided to the Magik Editor which allows quick lookup of the Exemplar and Method Hierarchy 
  • Support for loading patch list files to session
  • XML file editor
  • Improved Class Browser and Command Histories views

Read more about this version and its features in What’s new pages. For more detailed info refer to the List of changes.

2015-09-11 12:25

New release: MDT Administrator Edition 1.0

MDT Administrator Edition 1.0 is now available. This is a free-cost MDT version dedicated to the Smallworld 5 Administrators and available under 64-bit Windows and Linux system. It contains basic functionalities of MDT Professional Edition. The differences between these both products are presented here

You can download MDT Administrator Edition as a product or plug-in from the product website.

2015-06-12 15:25

Magik on Java™ Plug-in 0.6.1 is available!

New version of Magik on Java™ Plug-in has been adapted to Smallworld™ 5 Preview Release - Phase 9. Debugger’s stack frames filtering and dynamics visibility in Variables View have been fixed.