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Mylyn Bridge Installation Guide

1. Introduction

This document describes a Mylyn Bridge: Magik Development Tools feature (later called in the instruction MDT Mylyn Bridge) installation process. This guide doesn't entirely cover the whole installation topic. You can also consult the Eclipse help and the Eclipse web page.

2. Requirements

To install MDT Mylyn Bridge the computer has to comply with some requirements.

2.1. Hardware requirements

MDT Mylyn Bridge has the same hardware requirements as Magik Development Tools. Please consult the following page for detailed list.

2.2. Software requirements

MDT Mylyn Bridge runs with Magik Development Tools, and it requires some additional software to be installed:

  • Magik Development Tools Professional Edition

  • Mylyn 3.0.x

3. Installing MDT and Mylyn

3.1. Installing Magik Development Tools

Please follow the Magik Development Tools installation documentation to install MDT.

3.2. Installing Mylyn

Mylyn may be installed along with MDT Mylyn Bridge in one installation process. The instruction presents how to install Mylyn and MDT Mylyn Bridge together in case of installing them from Internet and from the local files.

4. Installing MDT Mylyn Bridge

There are several ways of installing MDT Mylyn Bridge. You can use all ways available in Eclipse.

We recommend the following approaches:

  • installing directly from the Internet

  • installing from the local files

The installation process is supported by some wizards which make the process quite easy and comfortable.

If not otherwise stated you have to enter required data and use the Next or Finish buttons to proceed installation process.

4.1. Installing from the Internet

Installing MDT Mylyn Bridge directly from the Internet is the simplest approach and gives you the easiest way to upgrade the product if upgrades are available.

Step 1

At the beginning you have to start the Update Manager.


Illustration 1: Starting Update Manager

Step 2

Next step is to select the searching for new features option.


Illustration 2: Searching for new features

Step 3

You have to add New Remote Site where MDT Mylyn Bridge is located. The name of the site is irrelevant so you can name it as in example Mylyn Bridge Update Site, the URL is crucial.


Illustration 3: Defining MDT Mylyn Bridge update site.

Step 4

The new update site defining process is finished. The new update site has been automatically selected. At this point you should also select the Europa Discovery Site, because MDT Mylyn Bridge depends on Mylyn contained at this site.

Illustration 4: MDT Mylyn Bridge and Europa Discovery Site update sites are selected.

Step 5

In this step you have to choose MDT Mylyn Bridge to be installed.

Illustration 5: MDT Mylyn Bridge version to be installed


Notice an error on the top of the dialog. In order to include in installation required plug-ins expand Europe Discovery Site and click Select Required button.

Illustration 6: MDT Mylyn Bridge with all dependencies automatically selected

Step 6

Installing MDT Mylyn Bridge requires accepting the license agreement.

Illustration 7: Accepting the license agreement

Step 7

After accepting the license agreement the installation is ready to start.

Illustration 8: Installing MDT Mylyn Bridge in your Eclipse

Step 8

You have to accept the installation of Mylyn and MDT Mylyn Bridge features. Click Install All button.

Illustration 9: Mylyn feature verification

Step 9

Restarting Eclipse is the last step in the installation process.

Illustration 10: Restarting Eclipse

4.2. Installing from the local files

This approach is recommended for users whose Internet restrictions does not allow for direct access to the Internet from Eclipse.

Step 1

Download the Mylyn from the download page. Choose the version matching your Eclipse release and MDT Mylyn Bridge version which you plan to install.

Step 2

Download the latest MDT Mylyn Bridge version from the download page.

Step 3

Do the Step 1 and Step 2 from 4.1 Installing from Internet

Step 4

Create a New Archived Site. You will be asked for the zip file. Please enter the zip file you downloaded in the Step 2.

Illustration 11: Adding MDT Mylyn Bridge archived site

Step 5

Create next New Archived Site using Mylyn file downloaded in Step 1.

Illustration 12: Adding Mylyn archived site

Step 6

The new archive sites defining process are now finished. Ensure that both new entries are checked.

Illustration 13: MDT Mylyn Bridge and Mylyn archived sites are selected

Step 7

In this step you have to choose MDT Mylyn Bridge to be installed.

Illustration 14: MDT Mylyn Bridge version to be installed

Notice an error on the top of the dialog. In order to include in installation required plug-ins expand Mylyn archived site and click Select Required button.

Illustration 15: MDT Mylyn Bridge with all dependencies automatically selected.

Step 8

The rest of installation is the same as described in 4.1 Installing from Internet starting from Step 6. Please follow the instruction.

5. Uninstalling MDT Mylyn Bridge

You can uninstall MDT Mylyn Bridge tools using Product Configuration tool.

Step 1

Start Product Configuration tool.

Illustration 16: Starting Product Configuration

Step 2

Locate Mylyn Bridge: Magik Development entry and choose Uninstall from its context menu. Next confirm the uninstallation.

Illustration 17: Uninstalling MDT Mylyn Bridge

Step 3

Restart Eclipse for the changes to take effect.

Illustration 18: Restarting Eclipse

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