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MStyle Plug-in

MStyle Plug-in is an extension to MDT® and it is based on its Magik grammar parser. You run it on any resource container (project, folder or file) to check its code using defined rules. MStyle can check many different aspects of source code like metric rules, some invalid/deprecated source code elements and run it on specified projects. This plug-in allows to introduce modern team standards to Magik projects through fully customizable profiles. Rules can be also imported/exported and easily shared in team environment. After running a check the list of violations is presented in a separate view.

MStyle Plug-in is a dedicated add-on to MDT (Magik Development Tools) and cannot function without it. For more info refer to MStyle User Manual or read What's New pages for latest updates.


Download the archive file below and add it through Eclipse's Install New Software mechanism
or use MDT Update Site: and choose MStyle from the list.

Type Version Date Running on Size File to download
Plug-in 2.0.4 2016-02-17 MDT PE 3.5 or later
Eclipse 4.2 or later
1,1 MB
MStyle profile - Adding rules

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