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Changes to previous version

Changes - User Interface

  • MDT documentation
  • Updated the What’s New page for the new MDT PE version
  • Updated the MDT Help with the description of new functionalities

Changes – Views

  • Class Browser
  • Fixed a bug that caused Class Browser icons not to show
  • Fixed a bug that caused a NullPointerException in Class Browser view when refreshing the results
  • Moved the Topics action from the context menu to the toolbar
  • Hierarchy
  • Changed the name of the view from Hierarchy to Type Hierarchy

Changes – Debugger

  • Fixed a bug that made it impossible in a Smallworld 4 session to set breakpoints in Magik methods that had a different package than their exemplar

Changes – Licenses

  • Fixed the floating license and regular license mechanisms
  • Fixed a bug that caused the “(Err: 07) Unknown error occurred: duplicate date” error

Changes – Other

  • Improved the bug reporting mechanism

New functionalities

New - User interface

  • Preferences
  • Added a Magik > Class Browser > Content Assist preference page which allows configuring the content assist for Class Browser view
  • Updated the MDT Help with the description of new functionalities
  • Dialogs
  • Added a Open Magik Module in Hierarchy dialog which is used for opening the selected Magik module in Module Hierarchy view
  • Actions
  • Added a Navigate > Open Magik Module action which opens the Open Magik Module in Hierarchy dialog
  • Other
  • Added support for color themes

New - Views

  • Created a new view called Module Hierarchy which allows for displaying the hierarchy of a module, showing its required or dependent modules in the form of a tree, a list, or a graph
  • Class Browser
  • Added a content assist which displays the proposals of recently searched classes and methods
  • Added new exclude private/public commands that allow for searching by public and private methods
  • Added a Refresh action which refreshes the results

New - Licenses

  • Added an option to choose the expiration date of a borrowed floating license

New - Other

  • Added support for Eclipse Oxygen
  • Added support for the newest version of Java 1.8

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