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Changes to previous version

Changes - User Interface

  • Fixed a bug causing the Missing License window to continuously appear, even when it's already open
  • Fixed a bug in the Magik projects' build progress indicator bar
  • Fixed a bug preventing MDT Extensions License Manager window from closing
  • The contents of Magik Code Templates have been corrected

Changes – Views

  • Product Explorer
  • Improved Drag & Drop mechanism for Magik element files
  • Class Browser
  • Fixed a bug preventing the use of Class Browser without IE 8 or higher installed
  • Fixed NullPointerException error while retrieving data from the session
  • Changed the message indicating the absence of the Magik project with running session
  • GIS Console
  • Fixed a bug causing Copy/Paste actions in the context menu to be disabled
  • Sessions
  • Fixed a bug causing Magik projects, which were assigned to a session, not to refresh after the session has been edited
  • Type Hierarchy View
  • Fixed NullPointerException error that occurs while changing the session configuration
  • Corrected the information about stopped Magik sessions
  • Command Histories
  • Fixed the change of the state of New Command button

Changes – Wizards

  • New Product Wizard
  • Fixed the generation of product.def file
  • New Runtime Wizard, New Session Wizard
  • Fixed a bug causing an improper display of background image
  • Command histories import
  • Fixed NullPointerException error during the import of the GIS console command history
  • Plugin license activation
  • Improved mechanism of the MDT plugin license activation
  • Improved messages during the MDT plugin license activation

Changes – Editors

  • Magik
  • Fixed ClassCastException error during moving Magik elements in Magik editor
  • Fixed NullPointerException error during insertion of Magik code template
  • Fixed AssertionFailedException error during Correct Indentation actions
  • Fixed a bug causing the Magik editor to freeze on code template insertion
  • Fixed a bug causing Copy/Paste actions in the context menu to be disabled
  • Improved status updates for Toggle Block Selection and Show Whitespace Characters toolbar buttons
  • Sessions
  • Fixed field names in Method Finder’s new path window
  • Runtimes
  • Fixed a NullPointerException error occurring when runtime is saved while there is an unsaved Magik file in workspace
  • Type Overview
  • Fixed the missing Folding > Expand All action in Type Overview editor

Changes – Cooperation with GIS Sessions

  • Session startup
  • Fixed a bug causing incorrect password completion during a new standard session startup
  • Code transmitting
  • Fixed MethodFinderException error during transmission of code to a terminated session

Changes – Other

  • Trial license type has been deleted
  • Upgraded to Java 8
  • Upgraded to work with the latest version of Eclipse Neon (4.6)

New functionalities

New - User interface

  • MDT Extensions License Manager has been expanded with a new tab used to set floating server information for MDT Extensions

New - Other

  • Upgraded to work with the new floating license server developed by Adips
  • The contents of End User License Agreement have been changed

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