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Changes to previous version

Changes - User Interface

  • Improved Quick Type Hierarchy feature

Changes – Views

  • Problems
    • Quick Fix action is now available for some of Magik problems like missing pragma, missing/unrecognized encodings, unreachable code

Changes – Editors

  • Fixed bug causing NullPointerException error to appear while opening not synchronized load list file

Changes – Debugger

  • Icon of installed breakpoint has been changed

Changes – Other

  • The permanent generation space configured in mdt.ini file has been increased from 512M to 768M
  • Fixed bug disabling valid MDT extension license
  • Fixed bug IOException: Pipe closed while working with Method Finder dependent functionalities

New functionalities

New - Views

  • Product Explorer
    • Show In submenu has been added to the view context menu which provides actions to open Magik resource in other view
  • Sessions
    • Copy and Paste actions available for sessions and runtimes have been replaced with Duplicate action
  • GIS Console
    • The view has been extended with auto typing and auto insert templates features
  • Command Histories
    • The view has been enhanced with the actions to import and export command histories from and to the file system
    • The filter supports now pattern characters like * and ?
    • Save Command action has been given the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + S
  • Other
    • Magik elements with debug or deprecated classify level are now highlighted with debug or deprecated overlay in all views
    • Report a Bug dialog has been extended with optional 'Email' and 'Attach the log file' fields

New – Editors

  • Magik Editor
    • The editor has been enhanced with transmit state annotations which informs if the specified Magik element is transmitted to session from the opened file, another file/location or is not transmitte
    • Auto typing and auto insert templates features have been added
    • Syntax coloring feature has been enhanced with highlighting deprecated Magik elements

New – Wizards

  • Command Histories Export Wizard is added. It allows to export command histories to the file system
  • Command Histories Import Wizard is added. It allows to import command histories from the file system

New – Preferences

  • Typing pages has been added in Magik Editor section and Magik GIS Console section. These pages allows to configure automatic close and automatic insert functionalities
  • Default Values tab has been added to the Magik Code Template preference page. This tab is used to set default values of variables inserted into code templates
  • Command history size field has been added to the GIS Console preference page. It limits the number of stored GIS console commands
  • Remove Magik source duplicates from local resources preference has been added to the General preference page

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