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Changes to previous version

Changes – Views

  • Product Explorer
    • The 'Refresh' action is now available for Magik files
    • The 'Copy' action is now available for resources from Project Dependencies
  • Class Browser
    • Fixed memorizing state of the view between the 'Expand All'/ 'Collapse All' action calls
  • Command Histories
    • Improved way of command filtering by narrowing the list of sessions
    • Improved operation of the 'New Command' action
  • Type Hierarchy 
    • The 'Previous Type Histories' action has been moved to the left side of the toolbar 

Changes – Other

  • Compatibility with Eclipse 4.5 (Mars)
  • Improved product installer for better handling of MDT installation

New functionalities

New – Editors

  • XML Editor
    • XML Editor from WST project is provided with MDT product now
  • Runtime Editor
    • The 'Variables' button has been added next to the 'Environment file' field which allows to preview variables to be imported from the environment file

New – Views

  • Quick Type Hierarchy
    • New 'Quick Type Hierarchy' view is provided to the Magik Editor to allow quick lookup of Exemplar and Method Hierarchy
  • Product Explorer
    • The view context menu has been extended with actions loading patch list files to session
    • The 'Browse Class' and 'Browse Method' actions have been added to the context menu which allows to browse Magik exemplar or method in Class Browser
  • Class Browser
    • The context menu has been extended with the following actions: 'Open', 'Open Type Hierarchy', 'Focus on...', 'Copy Qualified Name' 
    • The view has been extended with a pop-up window which shows description of pointed out Magik element
  • Command Histories
    • The context menu with actions from toolbar has been added
    • The 'Command Field Layout' menu with actions allowing changing layout of the view has been added.
    • The movable sash element has been added between 'Commands list' and 'Modify a command' panel.
  • Hierarchy
    • Added new actions: 'Focus on...'  and 'Copy Qualified Name'
  • Outline
    • The 'Browse Class' and 'Browse Method' actions have been added to the context menu of Magik file elements

New – Cooperation with GIS sessions

  • Added binding session to runtime when importing one

New – Other

  • MDT Extension License Manager
    • MDT Extension License Manager has been added to manage MDT Extension licenses