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MDT Professional Edition 2.1

Changes to previous version

User’s interface changes

  • other

    • displaying windows, informing about the lack of license has been improved

Views changes

  • GIS console

    • console hanging up when session prints to error stream has been fixed

    • searching with Find/Replace dialog in console has been improved

    • NullPointerException error reported when opening Code Assist in read-only part of console has been fixed

  • Sessions

    • IllegalArgumentException error reported when opening Sessions view has been fixed

Wizard changes

  • Export runtimes

    • possibility of exporting Default runtime has been disabled

Editors changes

  • Messages Files

    • validation of the language symbol has been improved

  • Session Link

    • ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException error reported while activating Launcher tab has been fixed

GIS sessions changes

  • running sessions

    • NullPointerException error reported while starting session link has been fixed

Debugger changes

  • breakpoints refreshing in Magik editor has been improved

  • breakpoints installing has been improved

Other changes

  • logging of version number in MDT product has been corrected

  • synchronization of command execution sent by MDT to GIS virtual machine has been improved

New functionalities

User's interface innovations

  • MDT help

    • new pages describing configuration of floating license have been added

    • the content of help regarding new layout of License Manager dialog has been updated

    • What's New page has been updated

    • new CSS style sheet has been added

Other innovations

  • product installer enables installation of many independent product copies of the same version

  • MDT enables to use floating license

  • activation of Trial and Single User licenses have been simplified

Known issues

  • after setting up a breakpoint in method its public comment is not restored in Method Finder

  • GIS session hangs when during long code loading user tries to set a breakpoint

  • sometimes a breakpoint cannot be set in a method in line with chevron

  • in particular methods a breakpoint cannot be set

  • dynamic variables have wrong values

  • it is impossible to suspend multiple threads on the same breakpoint. After first thread, every other thread is resumed and a warning is displayed: "Error: a sw:mdt_debug_thread_helper BPT already has active thread. Thread (...) will be resumed."

  • disabling/enabling breakpoints after suspending program execution may not work properly

  • after importing projects (without copying them) the content of Product Explorer view must be refreshed

  • Open Declaration dialog sometimes displays duplicated entries

  • Hierarchy view content may sometimes be improper

  • inserting pragmas or comments using Generate Element Pragma/Comment commands may sometimes cause NullPointerException error

  • a command executed in the console sometimes may be not stored in command’s history

  • sometimes during transmitting methods to GIS session, the source code is trimmed and transmission ends with an error

  • rapid stopping of session running in Debug mode can cause unexpected effects

  • Correct Indentation command can block edition of Magik file

  • Refresh command in Product Explorer view can cause creation of unnecessary zero-bytes files

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