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MDT Extensions

The abilities of the MDT® environment can be extended by means of new functionalities dedicated for specific tasks. Such functionalties are available in form of plug-ins and should comply with specifications of the Eclipse platform.

Please, visit one of the following tabs if you search for:

  • SW5 Support Plug-in - an extension to MDT which provides support for the new Smallworld™ 5 technology that utilizes Java Virtual Machine to run Smallworld™ sessions.

  • MStyle plug-in - a tool that will allow you to check your code against a set of configurable rules. You can look for specific violations like invalid/depreciated source code elements, "bad smells" or metric rules. Technology provided thanks to the courtesy of Realworld Systems.

  • MUnit 3 Support - MDT dedicated plug-in that allows to configure and automatically run tests for applications written in Magik language. It is very helpful in discovering errors and mistakes already in code production phase.

  • Mylyn Bridge - a substantial plug-in very helpful for better team work orgaznization. It is an integrated task management system that reduces information overload and makes multi-tasking easy.

  • UML2 Modeler - another MDT dedicated plug-in to be used for modeling whole systems with the use of UML language. Its main functionality is to model system architectures in MDT environment as well as dynamic generation of Magik source code according to previously created models.

  • Useful Plug-ins - a carefully selected list of third party plug-ins that can help you in your work with MDT.


You can find many different plug-ins on Eclipse Marketplace website.

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