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MDT Annual Maintenance

Annual Maintenance Services contain updates of MDT® Professional Edition and technical support. They are provided by Adips within 1 (one) year from the purchase date. The Annual Maintenance Services are sold exclusively along with the MDT® Professional Edition End User License.

Prolonging Annual Maintenance Services for next year

The pro forma invoice for the next year will be generated automatically and sent to you. When the payment is completed you will automatically acquire the Annual Maintenance Services for the next year.

In case you decide not to pay the invoice, access to updates and support services will be suspended. You will be able to get the access back after paying for the whole missing period. Please note, that the Annual Maintenance Services fee guarantees further improvement of our software.

Technical support

Technical Support is a part of the Annual Maintenance Services. It is operated by Customer Support System available via MDT website for users with active access. By providing an e-mail address, to which access to Customer Support System should be assigned your personal account will be created in the Customer Support System. From this point forward you can submit requests concerning MDT technical issues. Each request is registered at Customer Support System. Your request will be analyzed by specialists and answered as soon as possible.

Alternatively you can write at with any technical inquiries or problems regarding MDT.