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Types of licenses available for MDT® Professional Edition:

  • Single User License – is dedicated to use the MDT Professional Edition on a single computer. Once activated Single User License becomes bound to a specific computer and its hardware configuration. To install MDT on a different computer, you have to purchase an additional license. You are required to buy Annual Maintenance Services for the first year.

  • Example: Two people in your team need to use MDT. Each person has his own computer. Two Single User licenses are required.

  • Floating License – enables a fixed number of users to simultaneously use MDT. Floating License Server software is installed on a server machine that acts as a license server by issuing a license to any client computer that requests one. If the number of user requests exceeds the number of floating licenses purchased, a user will need to wait until one of the active MDT users finishes working with MDT. You are required to buy Annual Maintenance Services for the first year.

  • For floating licensing you need two components: Floating License Server and a desired number of Floating Licenses.

    Example: Ten people need to use MDT but only five people will likely need to be using the software at the same time. You purchase Floating License Server and five Floating Licenses. MDT is installed on each user's computer. Any workstation can run MDT, but only a maximum of five workstations can access MDT at the same time. If a sixth person tries to use MDT, he will have to wait until one of the first five users has finished using the application.

Annual Maintenance Services:

  • Annual Maintenance Services – includes MDT Professional Edition version updates and technical support during 1 year. Technical support is provided by the Customer Support System designed to manage customer requests, you can also write directly at The Annual Maintenance Services cannot be purchased separately from the License for the Software.

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