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Floating License

MDT® Professional Edition with Floating License is a perfect solution for every company, that wants to have a fully flexible licensing model. Floating License Server software is installed on a server machine that acts as a license server by issuing a license to any client computer, that requests one. If the number of user requests exceeds the number of Floating Licenses purchased, a user will need to wait until one of the active MDT users finishes working with MDT.

An additional premium (paid) feature of Floating licensing is an ability to borrow a license. Borrowed license will be valid for a specific period of time (default 14 days - we can set it differently according to your preferences). During this time you can work without connection to License Server. This is especially useful in case of customer-site visits or the temporary necessity to work outside the company.

Annual Maintenance Services – includes MDT Professional Edition version updates and technical support during 1 year. Technical support is provided by the Customer Support System designed to manage customer requests, you can also write directly at The Annual Maintenance Services cannot be purchased separately from the License for the Software.

Buying Hints

For floating licensing you need two components: Floating License Server and a desired number of Floating Licenses. Floating License Server is a base for floating licensing model, it requires at least one Floating License to run.

Increasing number of users

If your company needs more licenses just contact us via mail or phone. The new file with updated number of licenses will be delivered by mail after the purchasing process is completed. After installing the file in the Floating License Server software, the increased number of users will be able to simultaneously run MDT.

License Activation

This version of MDT does not require Internet connection to activate the licenses. Although to download updates you need an active and valid Annual Maintenance Services. You can check it in License Manager from Help menu.

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