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Welcome to MDT

MDT® (Magik Development Tools) is a flexible and intuitive visual Integrated Development Environment for Smallworld™ Magik developers. MDT is the fastest and smartest way to deliver your Smallworld solutions.


The Smallworld platform grows and Smallworld applications become more complex and involve various technologies. Developing, integrating and maintaining such systems requires a flexible development environment for Smallworld Magik-based solutions. The main objective of the new IDE for Smallworld Magik was to optimize the development process for Smallworld projects using an industry open source standard Eclipse ( 

Powerful Suite

MDT suite is a powerful combination of existing approaches and modern programming features. MDT framework supports business needs such as efficient and rapid Smallworld application development as well as scalability and ability to build extensions and advanced tools based on the Eclipse plug-in technology. MDT maintains and supports the whole Smallworld project lifecycle starting from designing through coding, debugging as well as integrating, testing and deploying.


Rapid development of Smallworld application through:

  • Development and maintenance of complex Smallworld systems
  • Configuration of various Smallworld runtime environments
  • Debugging Smallworld applications
  • Multiple Smallworld sessions management
  • Integration with version control systems (CVS, ClearCase, Subversion and other)
  • Integration with other platforms e.g. Java, XML, UML, PHP etc.
  • Integration with other Eclipse plug-ins

Code assist for effective development through:

  • User-friendly GUI
  • Magik code generation by means of customizable templates
  • Automatic code completion
  • Context hints
  • Powerful source code analysis
  • Simple control of products, modules etc.

Return of investment:

  • Up to 40% shorter time-to-costumer for Smallworld solutions
  • Up to 40% faster introduction of new employees in Smallworld
  • Optimization of the investment in human and technology resources

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