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White Paper

Download MDT White Paper, Issue 2017

Updated - Issue 2017

White paper provides an introductory insight into MDT. It consists of all of the most important information regarding MDT software, describes MDT architectural structure and Core. Furthermore it explains different MDT features and functionalities divided in categories and visualized by screenshots.

MDT Magazine

Spring 2015

MDT Magazine Issue 7


  • Get ready to meet Magik on Java™ with the release of MDT PE 3.6
  • Further support for Magik on Java™ provided by MDT: debugger
  • We have expertise in Electric Office Web™!
  • Network Viewer™ and Network Viewer Plus™
  • Types of licenses available for MDT Professional Edition

Spring 2014

MDT Magazine Issue 6


  • With Java™ on board with MDT PE 3.4 
  • Magik on Java™
  • Right tools make the difference!
  • Interview - MDT in Mettenmeier
  • Get Yourself trained!

Spring 2013

Download MDT Magazine, Spring 2013


  • Maturity and stable development with MDT PE 3.2-3.3 
  • SWIFT - revolution or evolution?
  • Gislet - GIS mobile client
  • MDT Users Worldwide
  • Interview - MDT in Central Hudson

Spring 2012

Download MDT Magazine, Spring 2012


  • Transforming into an Enterprise Multitool with MDT PE 3.0-3.1 
  • MStyle Plug-in - Coming soon!
  • Interview - MDT in Ubisense
  • Magik Tricks
  • Interview - Training Feedback (GE)

Spring 2011

Download MDT Magazine, Spring 2011


  • Upgrades and new features in MDT PE 2.2 release 
  • Working in Scrum - MDT and Rational Team Concert
  • Graphical Type Hierarchy
  • Closer look at Floating licensing
  • Interview - MDT in National Land Survey of Finland
  • Trainings - Choose the smart way to learn MDT

Spring 2010

Download MDT Magazine, Spring 2010


  • Significant improvements in the newest MDT PE 1.1 release 
  • Task focused development with MDT and Mylyn
  • Cross-platform communication in Magik via JMS
  • Interview - Implementation of MDT in NIS AG company
  • Trainings - Choose the smart way to learn MDT

Autumn 2009

Download MDT Magazine, Autumn 2009


  • Introduction of MDT
  • GE about MDT
  • Benchmark: MDT versus Emacs
  • MDT Magik Debugger
  • Interview - Implementation of MDT in GIS Consult company


  • Smallworld application management with MDT.ppt - a presentation about the main features and benefits of MDT. Full of various quotes from our users and fans to prove the point. File for unlimited use and free re-editing.

  • MDT - Multi Duty Tool.pptx - an overview of all of the functionalities inside MDT illustrated with a series of screen shots. Presentation shown at DEC 2012 in Portugal. File for unlimited use and free re-editing.
  • MDT - Benefits.pdf - a document about the main advantages of MDT. Benchmark tests, quotes, benefits overview and some references to provide a set of solid arguments that might prove useful in discussions with your supervisor or management.

  • MDT Trainings - Flyer.pdf - a flyer about our training offer with given training timetable and some additional comments. Recommended for everyone as it can greatly help you to learn to utilize MDT to its maximum potential.

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