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Training Program

A series of training courses are your opportunity to learn MDT® software development techniques and gain hands-on experience. All trainings consist of: instructor-led classroom lectures, labs and practical exercises. Advanced courses provide in-depth insight into MDT environment. They will show how to boost productivity using additional plug-ins and how to utilize MDT environment to its maximum potential.

All courses can be arranged both in MDT training facility or at customer’s site.

Download MDT Trainings Flyer.

The following courses are available:

Course 1: Development techniques with the use of MDT

Development techniques with the use of MDT is a comprehensive 2-day training. It covers all aspects of working with MDT from simple basics to most advanced operating techniques. In the first part of the training, students will acquire knowledge about the most effective ways of creating and managing Smallworld™ sessions and projects. The participants will also learn how to migrate existing and complex configurations of the sessions from Emacs to MDT environment. Second part covers editing, browsing and working with the code as well as debugging it. The main goal is to learn how to use the crucial features of MDT in line with advanced development techniques to increase the efficiency of Magik code development. The contents of this training also include description of the best practices of using MDT as well as some tips & tricks which can boost the development process. Upon completion students will have a comprehensive knowledge about working with MDT and will be able to independently develop complex Smallworld applications from the beginning to the end.

Days Topics Exercises
Day 1 1. Introduction to MDT  
2. Installation and configuration  
3. Managing Runtimes and Sessions Yes
4. Working with Magik projects Yes
5. Magik code development techniques Yes
6. Using additional tools supporting development Yes
7. Interacting with Sessions
8. Working with the Console Yes
Day 2 9. Working with Class Browser Yes
10. Using Magik Search tools
11. Performing text searches
12. Browsing Type Hierarchy
13. Code navigation with Magik Hyperlinks Yes
14. Using Magik Debugger Yes
15. Tips & Tricks
16. Overall discussion  

Course 2: Advanced aspects of MDT environment

Advanced aspects of MDT environment is an additional course considered as an extension to the 2-day comprehensive training. The main goal of this training is to present the possibilities of extending MDT development environment with the set of very useful plug-ins which can boost the productivity and speed up the development process. During this training the participants will learn how to create the multiplatform and integrated development environment based on Eclipse and MDT. Students will learn how to use the most interesting plug-ins which provide support for team work, task-oriented development, issue tracking systems, other programming languages like Java and some other useful tools.

Days Topics Exercises
Day 1 1. Extending MDT and Eclipse  
2. Installing additional plug-ins Yes
3. Team work in MDT Yes
4. Integration with Issue Tracking System Yes
5. Task-oriented development Yes
6. Composing multiplatform environment Yes
7. Using additional useful plug-ins Yes
8. Overall discussion  

If you are interested in MDT trainings please contact us at The cost of trainings is set individually and depends on localization and number of participants.

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