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Browsing Magik Code

Type Hierarchy

Magik Type Hierarchy perspective is designed for exploring all types of hierarchies. The perspective consists of the Hierarchy view and Magik editor. It can be opened on exemplars and exemplars members (methods, slots etc.) from various MDT® views.

Hierarchy View

Hierarchy view in MDT Professional Edition supports now both children and parents hierarchy. In addition to standard tree layout, the view has also graphical layouts that can be convenient in some situations..

Also new actions have been implemented allowing to display the hierarchy in all MDT views and editors. Navigation dialogs have been extended with ‘Open Type in Hierarchy’ action that allows you to choose the type to display.

Class Browser

The Class Browser view is very similar to the Emacs’ Class Browser and thus is more familiar to Emacs users. The Class Browser view offers all searching options available in Emacs’ Class Browser.

The MDT supports the Class Browser with some extra functionalities such as: switching between multiple running sessions, distinguishing search results without accessible source files and configurable regular expression template for search queries. 

Magik Search

The Magik Search offers all searching options available in an Emacs’ Class Browser. The Magik Search is fully integrated with Eclipse platform and thus it is familiar to Eclipse users.

The Magik Search is more “static” in the way of making queries than the Class Browser. It also differs in the way of presenting searching results, which is more aesthetic and readable. One of the great advantages of the Magik Search is a searching history. The history gives the ability of remaking queries without the need of entering all searching options again. 

The Magik Search allows you to make queries within any running GIS session.

Magik File Search

The File Search is a very advanced textual search facility. It supports many options for search queries such as: regular expressions, file name patterns, case sensitive etc. The searching scope may be limited to the: whole workspace, enclosing projects and selected files. You can choose to include project dependencies in your search. Magik File Search also provides searching history.

Magik Browsing

The code in Magik Project or GIS session can be searched using special Magik Browsing perspective. The perspective offers all searching options available in Emacs’ Class Browser. The perspective combines the ability to quickly search and easily access search results thanks to the use of graphical user interface.

Navigation Dialogs

To navigate the code you can quickly jump to other locations using a few dialogs. Open Declaration dialog allows you to filter element declarations and open the selected one in Magik editor. Open Member dialog and Open Type dialog can be an additional help for swift navigation.

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