variable flavour colouring in Magik editor

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variable flavour colouring in Magik editor

Postby pstoop » 15 Nov 2011, 12:00

Moving from emacs to MDT, I started to miss syntax colouring for variable flavours. The flavours are often distinguished from each other by different prefixes. Variable syntax colouring in MDT could pick up the Lisp definition rules. The definitions could be accomplished in the preferences pane of MDT (Magik->Editor->Syntax Coloring).
Eg. in Lisp, I used to define the flavours as follows:
Locals: "l_", light blue
Local iterators: "i_", light green
Globals: "g_", orange
Global dynamics: "!..!", red
Arguments: "p_", dark blue

Such an additional feature would be much appreciated.
Kind regards,
Patrick Stoop
Add new tree branch 'variables', with sub-branches for the various flavours
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Re: variable flavour colouring in Magik editor

Postby Blazej » 16 Nov 2011, 11:53

Hello Patrick,

Thanks for the idea, we will look into it while working on future releases. Frankly we are more keen on enabling the distinguishing of local variables from global ones by their logical structure rather than the plain name itself. The colouring method you mention could be handy, but I am afraid it is (and probably would be) very seldomly used. Do you know anyone outside your company that uses it?
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