My Update Sites list is empty..

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My Update Sites list is empty..

Postby Moderator » 20 Mar 2012, 16:07

While installing MDT on Windows 7 (or Vista) the installation process is done with full administration rights and MDT is usually installed within C:\Program Files (x86)\MDT Professional Edition folder. MDT is later launched with specific user rights so Eclipse takes into account different than default configuration. Such configuration does not contain information about available update sites (this information is provided in default configuration).

To solve this problem run your MDT installation with administrator rights (right-click on mdt.exe and select Run as administrator command). Go to "Available Software Sites" preference page. Select all sites and export them to a file. Later run MDT again but with common user rights and import those sites from the file.

You can also install MDT into a non-default folder, which you have full access rights to. In this case MDT will use default configuration when run.

This problem is common to all Eclipse installations and will be hopefully solved soon by the community.
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