What are the limitations of the MDT Debugger?

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What are the limitations of the MDT Debugger?

Postby Moderator » 05 Oct 2011, 09:04

Below a list of debugger's limitations. Most of them are caused by the
limitations of Smallworld’s Virtual Machine itself.

1. Debugging is possible only for Smallworld 4.1 and higher.
Smallworld's Virtual Machine simply does not support debugging in older releases.

2. Debugger can be used only with methods, never with procedures or blocks of code.

3. Method’s comment can be not restored after installing a breakpoint – it happens only
when the file has no '_package' definition. Moreover if a method is
located in a different file than the declaration of a class, '_package'
definition for this method should be the same as for the class.

4. Multithreading – two or more threads cannot be suspended on a single
breakpoint at the same time. If two or more threads are running only
the first will be suspended, the other ones will continue running.

5. Loading Coverage Analyzer to the session running in Debug mode
can cause the session to hang unless a specific patch is applied.
Only then, Coverage Analyzer can be safely loaded and used,
but never on the same classes/methods as MDT Debugger.

6. Breakpoint cannot be installed in the same line as result statement ( '>>' chevron). A quick
solution is to change '>>' into '_return'.

7. Debugger hangs or slows down significantly in case of very large
methods (a couple of hundred lines or more).

8.It is not recommended to save the session running in Debug mode to an image file.

9.It is not recommended to simultaneously debug the same methods in MDT and Very Simple Debugger.
Breakpoints can get invalid during tool switches.
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