How to manage GIS Console command histories?

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How to manage GIS Console command histories?

Postby Moderator » 11 Jun 2007, 14:41

Since one of the first versions of MDT, the GIS command history for given session has become persistent. It means that the command history will not be lost after stopping or restarting connected session. All unique commands are saved and stored for the whole session's lifetime. Additionally command histories are restored with every launch of MDT.

You can access previously executed commands in GIS console using:
- the well known Emacs shortcuts - you can either review or filter commands from history as it was done before.
- Code Assist in GIS Console, which except for common hints gives you also proposals from the list of previously executed commands
- Command History dialog which allows to access commands history of other sessions as well,

Or by using GIS Commands Managing perspective and Command Histories view. They give the ability to manage and customize command histories for multiple sessions (like moving commands from one session’s history to another).

MDT Help links:
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