Comparison with MDT Professional Edition

A comparison of the features with the commercial MDT Professional Edition is presented in the table below.

Feature MDT Administrator Edition MDT Professional Edition
Supported Smallword™ Products
3.2, 3.3, 4.0, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3
5.0 with SW5 Support Plug-in
GIS Commands Managing
Magik Development
Magik Browsing
Magik Type Hierarchy
Command Histories
Product Explorer
Class Browser
Projects > Types > Members
Magik Source Editor
limited to 3 open files

unlimted open files
Draft Magik Source Editor
limited to 3 open files

unlimted open files
Session Editor
Session Link Editor
Command Line Session Editor
Smallworld 5 Session Link Editor with SW5 Support Plug-in
Smallworld 5 Command Line Session Editor with SW5 Support Plug-in
Runtime Editor
Smallworld 5 Runtime Editor with SW5 Support Plug-in
Magik Load List Editor
Message File Editor
Magik Module Definition Editor
Magik Product Definition Editor
MDT Debugger for SW 4.x
MDT Debugger for SW 5.x
New Element Wizards
New Magik Project Wizard
New Smallworld 5 Session with SW5 Support Plug-in
New Smallworld 5 Runtime with SW5 Support Plug-in
New Session Wizard
New Session Link Wizard
New Command Line Session Wizard
New Quick Session Wizard
New Runtime Wizard
New Source Folder Wizard
New Source File Wizard
New Mixin Wizard
New Slotted Exemplar Wizard
New Product Wizard
New Product Definition Wizard
New Module Wizard
New Module Definiion Wizard
Import/Export Sessions
Import/Export Runtimes
Open Magik Type in Hierarchy
Open Magik Type
Open Magik Member
Open Declaration Dialog
Compare Magik Elements
Magik Search
Magik File Search
Transmit/Load actions
Transmit File
Transmit Region
Transmit Method
Transmit Thing
Load Product
Load Module
Compile Module Messages
Magik Stack Trace Consoles
Magik Load List configurator
Available MDT Extensions
SW5 Support Plug-in
MStyle Plug-in
MUnit 3 Support
Mylyn Bridge
UML2 Modeler
Operating System
Linux 2016